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Houston Oil Refinery | Electrical services

TTI energy scope includes labor and material for the projects requirements in according with customer drawings / specifications, we will complete electrical wiring/hook up, cable tray or rigid conduit  layout and integration, continuity test and tubing instrumentation.

TTI Technicians Field Experienced:


- Trouble Shooting

- PLC Enclosures

- Instrumentation Wiring/Hook Up

- Electrical Continuity Test

- Heat Tracing

- High Voltage Hook Up

- Cable and Glands Systems

- Rigid Conduit Layout and Integrations

- Cable Tray Layout and Integrations

- Tubing Instrumentation

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 Refinery Electrical Services

Houston instrumentation company, for gas industries by providing i&e technicians to the natural gas plants, compression pumping stations, power plants, refineries and associated facilites.


TTI energy: has all the necessary equipment to perform any type of electrical installation required and qualified personnel ready to travel to any part of Texas for new construction, manitenance, repair or any Instrumentation work needs.