Texas Industrial Electrcial Wireman Contractors Service

Field electric panel wiring and installations, Natural Gas Plants, Refineries, Pumping Station, Gas Pipelines Compressor Station, etc.


From hand held operator controls to large control distribution boxes, we will work with you to improve your control panel assembly and wiring kits to your specifications and delivery requirements.


In addition, your local TTI panel shop in Houston is ISO and UL Certified.


TTI builds PLC cabinets and custom control panels to customer specifications for all applications and control wiring required in the production of our costumer equipment's, many customers have come to rely on us for their panel wiring and control system needs.

Refineries PLC Panels Installation by TTI energy in Houston

We offer complete wiring of many control cabinets, valve control stations, choke control, PLC Systems, wiring, and many different electrical and electronic connections. This includes wiring all type of PLC's on, as well as, familiarity with touch screen and HMI.


 Our goal is to add value to our customers by providing intricate yet easy flowing layouts and organization, while maintaining the highest quality and function-ability.


TTI Specializes in control panel wiring, PLC wiring, technical assisting design, fabrication, manufacturing, and installation. We are able and capable to build in our facility or yours, ensuring that quality is maintained from conception to completion.

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