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Texas Oil & Gas Field Services
Rifinery Steel Pipe Manufactuirng in Houston



TTI is your premier source in and around Texas for all your Pipe Bending & Pipe Welding from 1/2" up to 8".


We offer professional bending services at our/your place and also perform field service work all over the usa.


TTI can design to required pressure for various industrial systems, including high pressurere Pipes.



Tubing and pipe fabrication and manufacturing company for Texas rifining field, natural gas plants, refineries, pumping stations, pipelines compressor stations.


TTI has the capacity to turnkey manufacturing and installation of custom instrumentation control tubing systems that are built to customer specifications and drawings.


- Swagelok Compresion Tubing and Fittings

- Parker Tubing and Connections

- ORFS O-Rings Face Seal

- Flare Tubing 37 & 45 degree

- High Pressure Tubing, Cone and Thread (Autoclave)

- Orbital Welding Tubing


We can perform all range of materials: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Plated, Aluminum, etc. from 1/8" up tu 4" and from 4mm up to 80mm)

Plants, Refinery Piping and Tubing

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