TTI Energy, Electrical company in Houston

Texas Refineries Electrical Construction, Trouble Shooting, Repair Work, Shutdowns and New Installation.

We provides labor and material for your instrumentation and electrical control systems integrations.


Our electricians are experienced in Running Conduit, Cable/Glands, Wiring Panels, mounting instruments, wiring, hook-up, testing, and installation.


We have the ability to operate, program, analyze, and correct problems with industrial equipment including but not limited to: Natrual gas plants, compression and pumping stations, gathering systems, gas processing facilities, metering stations, power plants, refineries and associated facilites.


Common scopes include:

- Performing preventive maintenance, inspections, and testing

- Fabrication and installation of control panels.

- Installing conduit and gland systems for NEC, IEC, and ATEX   systems.

- Interpreting and working from drawings, schematics,and wiring diagrams.

- Mounting, testing, and simulating various instrument functions.

TTI also are experts in heat trace system installation.


We have been integrated heat tracing and thermal insulation systems around the Texas. With safety and quality our top priorities, customers can be assured of our professional and knowledgeable staff and its extensive in-house resources which are unrivaled in the industry.


We have the qualified personnel to make sure that all aspects of your heat management system, including utility distribution, heat tracing cables, control systems, and thermal insulation is/are installed correctly and operate properly.

Electrical field service in Houston, Odessa, Midland, Amarillo, Carrizo, Kernes, Webb, Gonzales, Cotula, Oklahoma etc.

Heat Trace Installations

Heat Tracing Installation by TTI Energy
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